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Stop worrying about citation management and use our next-generation software to easily manage, enforce, and observe what is going on in your agency. Turbo Data is your one-stop provider for everything citation management. We provide a public interface that allows people to manage their own citations or permits and cuts down on the time spent in processing for the agency.


Our robust parking citation system includes processing, web payment, scofflaw communication, chalking, tow alerts, warnings, drive away, meter mapping and more.


Turbo Data Systems services can manage both residential and commercial parking permits as well as support guest, overnight, yard sale and many other options. We can also handle the physical fulfillment of your permits too!


With our traffic services, print on the go with real time updates. Court hearings, warning citations, corrections and ID scanners become easy to manage using our traffic citation services.

Code Enforcement

Our solutions have been tailored to give the flexibility needed to give municipalities comprehensive code enforcement abilities that cover animal control, property maintenance, water usage and more.


General Features

Now shared across all services that we offer!
GPS Tagging eCitations LPR
Meter Mapping Consumables Fulfillment Digital Imaging/Archiving
Call Center/Support DMV Lookups Tow Alerts
Scofflaw Chalking Auto-Fill Fields

Citations Processing

FTB Integration 3rd Party Integrations
National/International handling Mail Processing
Delinquent Collections Appeals Management
PO Box forwarding Courier Services
Notice and Letter mailing Court Reporting

Online Portal

Real Time Reporting Custom Reporting
Financial Reporting Self-Service Web Portal
Custom Permission Access Web Payments
Multi-Agency Access Advanced Citation Searching
Exporting Capabilities Hearing Integrations

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